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8 Enjoyable Spring Activities For Older Adults

8 Enjoyable Spring Activities for Older Adults

Spring is officially here — and that means warmer weather, the scent of flower gardens, and Easter celebrations. Spring is a wonderful time to get outside and do some of your favorite activities, especially if you want to spend time with a senior loved one. 

From picnics to scenic drives, take a look at eight of the best spring activities for older adults:

1. Having a Picnic

Springtime weather is warm but not overwhelmingly hot, which makes it the perfect time to have an outdoor picnic. When planning a picnic for your senior loved one, make sure to pack a few of their favorite foods and even a sweet treat for dessert. 

Choose a cute picnic basket and an ideal location for your outdoor lunch, such as a local park or nearby lake. Make sure to check the weather beforehand to avoid any spring showers!

2. Planting a Garden

No matter their age, everyone associates springtime with an abundance of flowers. That’s why planting a garden is one of the best spring activities for older adults. 

To start a garden, clear out a small space in your or your loved one’s yard where you can plant some flowers together. Make an entire day of it by going to the nursery together and choosing which flowers you think would look best.

3. Celebrating Easter with Family

Easter is the biggest holiday associated with spring, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate with friends or family. You can help your senior loved one decorate their living space before Easter, setting up the perfect atmosphere for a family get-together. 

When Easter Sunday arrives, bake and cook together to prepare for your Easter meal. Finish off the day by sitting down for a meal and relaxing with the people you both care about.

4. Baking Springtime Snacks

Baking is another of the best spring activities for older adults. If there’s a springtime shower and you cannot spend time outdoors, take the fun indoors by baking some of your favorite treats. 

Make anything from cookies to cakes and decorate them in pastel icing to reflect the colors of the season. You can also purchase edible flower petals as a springtime garnish for the treats you create!

5. Going for a Scenic Drive

Many seniors struggle with limited mobility or serious health concerns, which can make physical activity difficult. This shouldn’t stop them from enjoying all that spring has to offer by seeing the outdoors. 

To give your senior loved one a great time in nature, take them for a scenic drive. Pack some snacks, make a playlist of their favorite songs, and roll the windows down for a long, relaxing drive through some of their favorite scenery.

6. Spring Cleaning

While spring cleaning might not be everyone’s favorite activity, it can be a great way to spend time with the older adult you care for. 

Throughout the year, homes accumulate clutter and can fall into disarray. Spring is the perfect time to open up the windows, put on some fun music, and clean out the house. Taking time to freshen up their home together is the perfect way to spend quality time with your senior loved one and keep their living space clean, neat, and safe.

7. Taking a Walk in Nature

Most people agree that spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. With blooming flowers and perfect weather, it’s a great time to go outdoors and get active. 

Staying physically active is especially important for older adults, who are at an increased risk for health concerns like diabetes and heart disease. To stay healthy and spend some time enjoying the spring weather, take your senior loved one for a walk outdoors. 

The best times for springtime nature walks are in the early morning when the air is still cool or just as the sun is setting in the evening.

8. Arts and Crafts

Another great way to spend time with a senior friend or family member is by doing arts and crafts together. In the spring, you can take this activity outdoors to enjoy the scent of flowers and the warm feeling of the sun. 

You can even incorporate nature into your arts and crafts by using flower petals and other natural items in your artwork. If it’s raining, bring the fun inside and do some paintings of spring flower gardens!

Enjoying Springtime with a Senior Loved One

Since spring is officially here, it is time to take your senior loved one outside to enjoy the warm sun and blooming flowers! 

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or taking a walk in nature, you’ll find countless spring activities for older adults. These activities are a perfect way to spend quality time together and create lasting memories with the older adult in your life.

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Carol Pardue-Spears

Carol has worked in the healthcare field for more than forty years. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, she worked for El Camino Hospital in the cardiac unit, Los Gatos Community Hospital, The Women’s Cancer Center in Los Gatos and several home health and hospice agencies. Carol founded Family Matters in 2002 to fill a deficit she witnessed in high-quality, in-home services and care.

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