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In-Home Care Agency Testimonials
We wanted our mom to watch our family grow while she was aging. Her physical and mental health was declining and we needed trained care providers to assist us during the day and weekends. Family Matters helped complete us as a family when we needed help, and gave my mom the care and love she deserved.
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The service I received from Family Matters In-Home Care during the final weeks of my husband's life was outstanding! My contact at Family Matters was extremely responsive, including on weekends. This was important because my husband was failing rapidly and needed in-home care on short notice. In addition, he went into the hospital the day after we started in-home care, then we did not know day by day when he would be coming home. My contact arranged care at the last minute multiple times and we were never left without coverage. I am deeply grateful for the care and attention we received from Family Matters and would recommend this agency very highly!

Kristi Iverson April 25, 2024

Carol and her family were very responsive and professional. They provided us with a caregiver appropriate for our needs, and payment was easy. They were very communicative, and they made the process of finding a trustworthy caregiver very simple.

Daniel Sampson February 6, 2024

Family Matters name says it all, this is a remarkable, dependable, kind hearted caregiving agency, having a background in the medical field as a worker myself I was very impressed with the staffing coordination, as well as how quick they came out to open my dads case, it was so smooth and easy signing my father up for the assistance that he needed in his home. They all worked together to place staff in his home so he would be able to stay home instead of being in the hospital. They have wonderful communication. My father loved all the staff they were right there to support him with all his needs. It was a relief and weight lifted off our shoulders. They really show you that your family does matter to them.😊

Tiffany Dedrick January 22, 2024

Carol and her staff at Family Matters have done a remarkable job providing in-home care of our 97 year old mother. They have gone beyond just taking care of her and seeing to her needs, they have all shown amazing kindness, compassion and generosity. It is clear that they all care deeply about her wellbeing. I am grateful for all they have done for our family.

Mark Diel October 24, 2023

My husband and I are so appreciative of the experience we had with Family Matters, from my initial contact with Jill, to the ongoing support from the office staff, to the caring and professional caregivers. Family Matters took great care in matching caregivers to my husband's needs and personality. It was a difficult time for us as he transitioned to home after several weeks of being in the ICU, and the caregivers gave us the support we needed to manage until we could do it on our own. I would recommend Family Matters to anyone in need of home care.

Linda Knight August 22, 2023

Carol from Family Matters helped my mother and family through a really rough time. She organized expert, loving care from her professional caregivers. She made sure my mom had 24/7 care after a fall left her vulnerable and in need of care and supervision. Carol will help you through the process of getting everything set up with the care you need so you don't have to stress. My family and I are so thankful we were able to rely on her and her expert caregivers during a difficult time.

Valerie Neri Munoz August 8, 2023

In April, my dad who lives alone, fell and broke his hip, had surgery and went to an acute rehab facility. When he was released we needed in-home care, as we didn't know what to expect in dad's level of mobility. James from Family Matters was very responsive and immediately set us up with care givers to begin the day my dad was released. He tailored the schedule to meet my dads needs and made sure everything was on point. James was easily accessible via text or phone call and worked with us the whole way to ensure my dad felt comfortable with the care givers and the level of care was meeting his needs. I would highly recommend Family Matters In-Home Care to anyone that needs professional, reliable in-home care.

Linda M May 25, 2023

This was our first time with external caregivers. Jill from family matters met with us and my mom to help us determine the most appropriate care plan. She aligned mom's needs, likes and personality with an appropriate caregiver who turned it to be an awesome fit. The family room information app was a huge help to those of keeping up with mom's care. The entire experience was very professional and very full of caring people. Highly recommend Jill and her team.


We were able to find Family Matters on a recommendation on a recommendation from a co worker. They provided compassionate and thoughtful care for over a few years for our Grandma. She was really in need of the attention and care she deserves and with due diligence to find a good, reliable, and patient service, we found it with Family Matters. The employees were skilled in their technical work but also had fantastic soft skills and very reliable. They treated our grandma at all times with kindness and as if she were a family member. It really made all of our lives easier as it should be. I really can’t express how much it worked out real well with Family Matters. We highly recommend and looking forward on continuing to work with Family Matters.

Trieu Pham February 14, 2023

I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional care that my Nona received from Family Matters In-Home Care. From the first phone call to the last day of service, they went above and beyond to make sure that my Nona was comfortable, safe, and happy. The caregivers were professional, kind, and compassionate, and they truly treated my Nona like family. They provided a wide range of services, including medication reminders, meal preparation, housekeeping, and companionship, and they always went the extra mile to make sure that my Nona's needs were met. Family Matters was also very accommodating with our scheduling needs, and they were always available to answer any questions or concerns that we had. We had a care manager James who visited 1-2x per month to check in and he was responsive even on weekends and evenings when something came up. The caregivers were punctual, reliable, and attentive, and they made my Nona's days brighter and more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Family Matters to anyone who needs assistance caring for their loved ones. They truly provided a level of care that exceeded my family’s expectations, and we are so grateful for their service.

Antonio Senteio February 14, 2023

Jill Seone was very caring and personable we met. She did an excellent job explaining the services offered. The care giver was nice too.

Jennifer Tynes January 11, 2023

Our family was incredibly lucky to have found Family Matters on a recommendation from a family case worker. They provided compassionate and through care for my mother over a 5-year period. My mother went from being mobile (with assistance) to bedridden for the last 2+ years. The Family Matters employees were skilled in their technical work but also had fantastic soft skills. They treated my mother at all times with kindness and as if she were a family member. In parallel, my aging father could find peace and some time too himself. Though the employees were not there to support my Dad, they did so by engaging him in conversation, complimenting his efforts, and giving him tidbits of advice to better his support of my mother. James was our management connection and was always available for questions, advice, and a visit to our home to make sure everyone was synchronized. We have Family Matters ready to support my Dad when he needs it. We remain so grateful to Family Matters!

Steve Smith May 25, 2022

I highly recommend Family Matters for your In-Home Care needs. When you need reliable, trained and compassionate care givers, Family Matters will meet your expectations with their responsiveness and communication. The Care Team is passionate about serving seniors and making sure the family feels confident that their loved one is well taken care of all the time. Thank you Family Matters for all that you do!!


My mom has Alzheimer's and is difficult to manage. I had to fire a couple other companies before I found Family Matter’s. Those other companies would send out “caregivers” that would play on their phones all day. I would have to send them home & they would send another untrained person with no experience. With Family Matter’s they were able to find several very caring and very good caregivers. They would get my mom involved in daily tasks. Making her feel like she’s helping and involved, despite her serious illness. They are good, I recommend them 100%.

Dave May 11, 2022

Excellent experience with the company and their home care providers. Scott listened and understood what I needed and was able to flex to my specific needs. Both Ashley and Rebecca were tremendous and felt like part of our family. I would recommend them and this company to anyone that needs home care services! They’re definitely a 10 out of 10

Nan Jones May 10, 2022

Compassionate, caring and dedicated professional caregivers. I am so grateful for their care as I recovered from major surgery.


If your friend or family member is in need of home care reach out to these incredible compassionate folks! They are experienced and provide the essential personal care that is demanding and needed!

WIA CA July 19, 2021

When it was apparent that my Mother needed some assistance in her home, I wasn't sure how to proceed. I did some research on different home care companies for Seniors, and decided to give Family Matters a try. They advertise as family owned and operated, and I trusted that concept as a good fit for my Mom. Family Matters more than met our hopes and expectations. We only had 2 caregivers in 4 years time, and both were wonderful. They never missed a shift, and if there was a problem or an issue, the support team was always there for us, both management and also the office staff. As my Mom neared her end, her Family Matters caregiver sat by her bedside and prayed for her and for us. Unbelievably touching, and we were so very grateful. I give Family Matters an unquestioned 5 star rating!

Cathy Turner March 14, 2021

Family Matters in Home Care was amazing. They were very professional, responsive, and loving. Jill was our initial rep and was great! Our family member was suddenly diagnosed with a terminal health condition. We called Family Matters and they were able to send Aarica to help take care of our family member. They were very understanding and accommodating of our schedule. They were able to come out on short notice and worked with our doctor appointments. It was COVId, so it was very sensitive times. But regardless, they sent Aarica out to help us. They were very patient and very very kind. It was a stressful time on our family and we all had very limited patience. But the staff that was on the phone and came to help was awesome. Very customer service oriented. Aarica was a kind, gentle spirit and definitely what is needed for this type of home care. Their love and care helped us through this tough time. So grateful for these health care professionals.

J Lai November 11, 2020

Jill and Scott are both Amazing!!! I could not recommend their care and compassion any higher! If you know anyone that could use In-Home care, Family Matters is who you want taking care of the people you love!!! 🙂

Jeremiah Durham November 11, 2020

When my brother needed in home care, the family did a lot of research and decided to trust Family Matters. The positive reviews proved to be 100% correct. Family Matters was excellent to work with and greatly assisted in the transition for my bother having someone come into his home on a daily basis. The first time I visited after Family Matters had begun was a pleasant surprise. His home was clean, he was happy and proud to have me come for a visit. He said that he had to think of things for the care givers to do because the major cleaning was finished and they did not want to sit around. However, the biggest gift that the Family Matters team gave my brother was their time. He got to know each of the team members well and they listened to his thoughts and stories. Even though his health was failing, the they delivered positive care each day. Family Matters received a 5 star review from me!

Karen Padovese September 25, 2020

I have used Family Matters twice now. My mom is 97 years old and needed some companionship as well as a little reminding about eating well and taking her meds on time. Teresa the caregiver was very kind and compassionate and did everything we asked of her. The second time, since my mom was doing pretty well and likes to be independent, we thought her grandson could see to her medication, meals and general supervision. But the 3rd day after I was gone her grandson found her in the morning on the side of the bed crying and confused. She'd also been incontinent. We then decided she needed a higher level of care. I texted Oscar with all the particulars and he was able to send someone the next day! Elizabeth first and then Isabel. They were both excellent! They helped with bathing and dressing, eating and other tasks. As my mom improved we were able to reduce the hours the caregivers were needed. I will definitely use Family Matters again in the future.

Janice Geyton September 24, 2020

I highly recommend Family Matters In Home Care. My parents are 95 and 97 years old and are still going strong. Jill has provided quality care givers that are becoming like family. She shows up every time a new person is engaged and doesn’t stop until the fit is perfect. We have unusual care hours and she filled them flawlessly.

Deborah Fiddyment September 10, 2020

Truly outstanding service. We have worked with caregiving agencies for the past 11 years and they are by far the best we've used so far. Highly recommended!

Dave Buehler August 28, 2020

We are a currently using Family Matters In-Home Care for much needed help with my dad. They were extremely responsive from the initial call. We have had a handful of different care givers and all have been very helpful. We have had some caregivers that connected with my dad more than others. Oscar has been very helpful in helping us schedule with the caregivers that my dad had the best connection with. They have definitely given us peace of mind through this difficult and stressful time! My family is very grateful for their services!

anthony sprugasci August 24, 2020

The caregivers are so caring and really make sure that my Dad's needs are taken care of. From his grocery shopping, doctor appointments, and even his daily walks are all taken care of. Family Matters picks the right caregivers for the individual. Love them!

Janelle Miller July 10, 2020

Sometimes I meet people and as you get to know them, I go wow, what a great person who is not only a great individual, they are aligned in a career that really fits who they are. Jill Seoane whom I had the pleasure of getting to meet today fits that description. She works with Family Matters In Home Care. One has to be quite special to work in this field and Jill is such the person. If you know of anyone needing any level of home care assistance, reach out to her. Their main office in in the bay area and they recently opened a new office in Roseville. Thanks Jill!

Art T April 30, 2020

I called Family Matters on a Saturday, desperate for immediate help. I received a call back in a very short time and was able to set up care right away. Oscar was extremely knowledgeable and helped me figure out what I needed. The caregivers were professional, attentive, patient and kind. I will absolutely call them again if the need arises in the future.

Kris McEntee March 11, 2020

Good company that adaptes to the issues nessissary to do the job. You can probably get a caregiver but when they have a boss it's money well spent. It has been like I have someone here to help but then there's another layer to help. They don't do the same things, but they compliment each other to do the same thing...

sean wendland February 27, 2020

My siblings and I engaged Family Matters to care for our dad and have been very pleased both with the quality of care, the kindness and skill of the caregivers, and the quick, positive response to any issues that arise. Everyone I have interacted with there is kind and professional and effective in their work. Oscar, my dad's case manager, is a very upbeat, accessible communicator and is exceptionally skilled at what he does. We have had a very positive experience.

Alison Moncrieff December 17, 2019

Family Matters is my "go to" provider for care services. I appreciate the personal touch that I receive, and that they have a qualified team of professional caregivers. Jan Care Manager, CPG

Janet Seamons September 10, 2019

We started with Family Matters in mid-January of 2019. Initially we went with getting in-home care two days a week (a total of 10 hours/week). We are now at 6 days and 50 hours per week. Our regular caregiver has been great: kind, compassionate, good at working with clients with dementia, hardworking, and responsible. She cooks well. She helps my parents shower, a real blessing. When they’ve had to find a sub, Family Matters has always come through promptly. The substitute caregivers have been good to excellent, always kind and hardworking. Their office staff are easy to work with. We thought their service agreement was fair and better than the agreement of some of the competition.

Douglas C August 31, 2019

This was our first experience getting in-home caregivers for my mother after she broke her arm. We were cautious about getting 'strangers' to care for her. Thankfully we were put at ease almost immediately. Family Matters listened to our requirements & were able to place 2 great caregivers for her care. I have already recommended Family Matters to coworkers. Thank you.

K Norris July 25, 2019

The caregivers from Family Matters were amazing with my mom, they took great care of her!

Marni Zampa May 13, 2019

The Family Matters team was a great partner in navigating the challenges of independent living for our aging mom. They were extremely patient, professional and flexible in the journey from part time in-home care, to 24/7 care after a fall, and emotional support to help mom transition to an assisted living community. Shout out to Cecy who was exceptional.

Ed Yu April 20, 2019

We needed last minute care for our mom who had fallen 3 days prior and was being released from the hospital 1 day before she was scheduled to enter her senior living facility. After 5 hours of calling every place I could find in internet searchs, I found Family Matters In-Home Care...who in 45 minutes had found 2 highly qualified caregivers to start immediately and emailed over the contract. 30 minutes before the 1st caregiver was to begin...I received a call from the hospital that they were keeping my mom for an additional day, as her condition had worsened and she needed a CATSCAN. But a big Thank You to Family Matters In- Home really saved the day for us!

Sylvia Abboud April 7, 2019

The office staff is very attentive. The care givers are very attentive.

Morris Cohn March 25, 2019

Overall good people to work with

Ibrahim yusuf March 17, 2019

Staff is very friendly and caring. Able to identify and cater to patients needs. Care Manager Oscar was very attentive and detailed oriented and made my experience a pleasant one.

Kimberly Mejia June 22, 2018

Excellent service and their staff are all amazing and compassionate.

Samantha Abalde June 22, 2018

I can’t begin to say enough about our families exceptional experience with the care and professional attention they have provided for my own family and my own surgery recovery’s, but more so to the extensive care that was provided to my elderly parents. We started out with blocks of hours to help them in the mid morning/afternoon times. As their needs increased, we had full day in home care provided by such experienced caregivers. It was wonderful. Finally we had to expand to a 24/7 round the clock in home care. They were working with us at every turn we took. I have referred them many times to others with the full confidence that they can and will meet every need. There just aren’t enough words I can write to express my heartfelt thanks to them with everything they have done to help our family. With deep respect, Jim Gailey

Jim Gailey May 21, 2018

I was referred to Family Matters through a colleague who worked with them through their Campbell office. I was doing the leg work for a older family friend in San Mateo who had some language limitations and wasn't sure how to navigate the search. My friend was in the process of relocation to assist her mother, so she needed short term support because her mother was unable to stay home alone. After reading great reviews on yelp about the Campbell site, I decided to give them a call to inquire. Family Matters provided us with a range of support. They helped my friends mother with everything from simple chores, to driving her back and forth to doctor appointments. They took the time to answer any questions we had over the phone and in person. This was really great because I had a lot of back and forth going as the messenger. We were able to text our care manager which was super helpful and easier as I was also trying to balance my work duties. Our care manager was reachable anytime with questions, concerns, and scheduling modifications we made. The process was simple and smooth. My friend was really impressed with how quick the care manager was able to match and schedule a caretaker to her mom's house after the consultation. The caretaker was really sweet to her mother and my friend felt at ease knowing someone was able to help her mom. Overall, I'd highly recommend.


Family Matters is the highest-quality, fastest growing in-home care business in California. The first reason is they actually "care" about people. Unlike some others in the industry who are focused on phone apps, or take limited types of clients, or don't respond, Family Matters knows their business. They have a high-functioning team running the business, which takes care of all the details. Employees are well trained and trustworthy. Family Matters is attentive to creating the right relationships with those who need care and getting a compatible caregiver assigned. They also have enough scale in the business to provide coverage when a caregiver has a reason they cannot serve. I've known Family Matters for almost two years and have seen repeated success. If you're looking for a caring professional, I highly recommend Family Matters.

Bob Kroon April 3, 2018

Jacob and the rest of the team are all super supportive to their caregivers. Jacob doesn't just treat us just as a caregiver but like his own family . Their priority is to give the best and quality service to their clients . They matched us to the clients that meets the clients needs. They always make it sure that the caregiver is happy so we can provide the best quality of service that the clients need. They always arrange get togetherness for all the caregivers and office staff so that we will met and get to know each other. Christmas Party and summer party is always fun to go with them. They're truly the best company to work for. You're going to love how they care of the clients and also their caregivers. I am so lucky and truly blessed to be a part of this fast growing company that is also like a family. Their name (Family Matters In Home care) is really perfect on how they are!

Lisa March 18, 2018

Family Matters treats their clients like their own family, very personalized, honest, great communication, compassionate, and caring. Referred clients over the years and never have I doubted their abilities. Family matters will make sure to meet your expectations.

Aps S March 1, 2018

Family Matters was wonderful from start to finish. They took care of my aunt after her hip replacement for several months . Everyone we worked with was professional and kind . They were prompt to address issues like when my aunts caregiver got sick ; they sent a wonderful replacement within the hour . If we ever need them again for our family we won’t hesitate to call.

Joel Evans December 18, 2017

In 2016 my father fell ill in January. My sister and I tried to take care of him but it came to a point where we could not handle it. He would lose his balance and at time end up on the floor. Alone, my sister and I could not get him up. We decided to look for some help. In March we contacted Family Matters and they were wonderful. We said we needed men who were strong enough to help my dad and someone personable. We were lucky enough to have David and Slim. They came part time for 3 months. In June we decided we needed someone full time. David and Slim were kind enough to work out an arrangement where one of them was will him 24/7. My father died Jan 2017. David, Slim and Family Matters were wonderful, kind, loving and we were so lucky to have had them during a very difficult year.

Renee Jacobs November 14, 2017

We are immeasurably grateful to Family Matters In-Home Care. We would have been lost without them. We found ourselves in emergency need of long term care, and Family Matters was able to provide us twenty-four hour in home health care with no notice. We were blessed with kind and competent care givers––we call them saints––who have made it possible for our lives to go on with as little disruption as possible during a painful time. Additionally, Family Matters provided a nurse case manager who devoted special time and attention to meeting our senior family member and her doctors and developing the best possible treatment options for the best possible quality of life. We expect to continue our relationship with Family Matters for many years to come, and highly recommend them to anyone in need.

Dieter Tannert November 9, 2017

Family Matters In- Home Care stands out as being warm and compassionate. Their team is thoughtful, thorough, proactive, detail-oriented, communicative, creative, and honest. They are able to handle all aspects with finesse.

Veronika Suess November 8, 2017

As an estate planning attorney, I encounter clients who need in-home care regularly. I refer them to Jacob with no hesitation. He is very attentive and always provides clients with satisfactory services. Thanks so much for exceeding my expectation Jacob! I love doing business with you!

Lisa Chan August 26, 2017
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Chrissi S. (San Jose, CA)

Trustworthy, attentive and family-oriented home care agency. 5 stars for reliability, safety and compassion toward their patients. Pricing is high but we used a more inexpensive vendor prior to going with FMIC and you really do get what you pay for. Book keeping is important if you are utilizing long-term insurance … FMIC was excellent in this area. From the caregiver side … how the vendors treat the employees they send into your home is important. Caregivers who don’t feel like they are treated fairly and valued by their employer won’t work for their patients. My family was looking for an able caregiver who would attend to my mother with love and humanity. We found a true gem in the CNA that FMIC provided us. We used FMIC for 2 years, same caregiver the whole time.

Yelp 5 Star Review

Peter S. (Los Gatos, CA)

Family Matters In-Home Care stands out as being warm and compassionate. Their team is thoughtful, thorough, proactive, detail-oriented, communicative, creative, and honest. They are able to handle all aspects with finesse.

Yelp 5 Star Review

Heather M. (Watsonville, CA)

I can’t say enough about how Family Matters and their team came to our aid in caring for Mom. Mom didn’t feel she needed care, and needed an experienced care giver to fit her needs. Family Matters pared her with our amazing Gail, and the match was made in heaven. They were responsive and caring, reliable and informative. We couldn’t have asked for a better match! Thank you Family Matters, I would definitely recommend your service to those wanting the BEST care for a loved one, even those who feel they don’t need care!!!They are able to handle all aspects with finesse.

Yelp 5 Star Review

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