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6 Medical Alert Systems With Fall Detection For Seniors

6 Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection for Seniors

As seniors age, declining mobility and increased health problems makes them more prone to accidents and falls. Each year, accidents involving senior falls happen all over the country. Falls are one of the most dangerous types of accidents for seniors because seniors may not be able to call for help.

Fortunately, today’s technology can help seniors when they are unable to help themselves. Medical alert systems with fall detection can make sure seniors get the help they need in the event of an emergency.

What Are Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection?

Medical alert systems are small devices that a senior wears or carries with them all the time. The devices are designed to detect when the senior may be experiencing an emergency and automatically call for help. Medical alert systems can be worn around the neck, as a bracelet, or clipped onto clothing. 

Fall detection is a specific feature built into a medical alert system. The system uses motion-sensing technology to detect when the senior has rapidly changed their position. When it detects a fall, it automatically calls for help. 

Fall detection is one of the most common features built into medical alert systems. Sometimes, it requires an additional monthly or yearly charge to keep active. 

It’s important to note that while medical alert systems with fall detection are generally accurate and continue to improve, they are not perfect. Seniors are always encouraged to have a backup safety mechanism in place, such as a daily check-in call with a family member or neighbor.

Benefits of Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection

Medical alert systems with fall detection for seniors come with many benefits:

Automatic Help

Some medical alert systems are built with an emergency button that requires the senior to press it in order to get help. Unfortunately, in some fall accidents, seniors may be unable to press the button, meaning they simply have to wait to be discovered. 

Medical alert systems with fall detection call for help automatically, so it does not matter if the senior is able to press a button or not.

Preserved Independence

One of the main reasons seniors are forced to leave their homes and seek outside care is concern for safety. Medical alert systems with fall detection allow seniors to have a built-in safety net that ensures they get help when they need it.

Peace of Mind for Seniors

Some seniors, particularly those who have experienced a fall before, can become paralyzed with fear of having another fall. They may constantly worry that they won’t be able to call for help if they fall and will find themselves in a very dangerous situation. 

Medical alert systems with fall detection give peace of mind to seniors. They can feel assured that, if they do experience a fall, help will be on the way.

Peace of Mind for Family Members

For family members of seniors, a major stressor can be the constant worry that their loved one is at risk of falling while home alone. Fall detection gives family members peace of mind that the senior will be able to get help even if they are not around when an emergency happens.

Popular Medical Alert System Options for Seniors

There are several options for seniors searching for a medical alert system with fall detection. Many companies offer similar products with small differences in the device, features, and cost. Some of the popular options for seniors include:

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical offers a variety of alert systems that support fall detection. Their system comes with an in-home base unit with a range of 1,000 feet. This means that seniors will be covered even if they are outside or working in the backyard. 

The device itself is GPS-equipped and can be worn around the neck or wrist. Fall detection is an added feature that runs about $10/month.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is an American company that offers both at-home and mobile medical alert systems for customers. They have five different medical alert systems to choose from, and fall detection can be added to any of them for $10/month.

Alexa Together

Alexa Together is an Amazon product that is great for seniors looking to integrate fall detection into technology already in their homes. Fall detection is a feature of the complete Alexa Together system, which uses Amazon equipment such as the Echo. 

The system can provide remote monitoring, allow caregivers to check in, and enable seniors to call for help with the sound of their voice. The fall detection feature requires a hardware purchase from a third-party provider, but there is no additional monthly fee.


Lively is one of the top providers for active seniors. It is an on-the-go medical alert system that will detect falls whether the senior is in or out of the home. It also offers an urgent response button and enhanced location technology. 


LifeFone is a great budget-friendly option for seniors not looking to make a big technology investment. They offer a price lock guarantee along with a lifetime warranty, and fall detection can be added to packages starting at just $5/month. 

Alert 1

While most medical alert systems are focused on seniors living alone, it can also be beneficial for couples to invest in fall detection technology in case the other person is not there. While many companies require the purchase of two separate systems, Alert 1 allows discounted rates for couples or roommates. 

How to Choose the Right Medical Alert System with Fall Detection

When you’re considering which fall detection technology to choose, try to select a company that allows you to keep your options open. Many of the options listed above offer a 30-90 day trial and/or allow you to cancel any time. With this flexibility, if you find you do not like your first provider, you can switch to another that works better for you. 

For many seniors, having fall detection in-home and on the go is critical to their safety. Now is the time to consider your options and invest in a medical alert system with fall detection.

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