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Family Matters, Spring 2021 Magazine

Family Matters, Spring 2021 Magazine

Spring is here and we can all take a deep breath – literally and figuratively speaking. It has been a very long, trying year.

Now as more Americans get the COVID vaccine, and fresh spring air moves in, we can walk out of our houses to renew and refresh ourselves. Getting outside is important for all of us. Fresh air fills the brain and the lungs, reduces anxiety, contributes to a healthy heart, and improves our state of mind. It’s essential for people of all ages.

If your loved ones need assistance transitioning from inside the house to outdoors, we can help. If they need companionship and transportation to sit in the park or by the water, we can help with that as well. It’s time to shed this past year and fill our minds and bodies with hope and health. Call us if we can help your loved one step into wellness, (888) 962-4836.

If you have questions, concerns or feedback about this magazine, please give us a call, (888) 962-4836.

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Previous editions of the Family Matters magazine are available here.

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