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7 Festive St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Seniors

7 Festive St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Seniors

The luck of the Irish is on your side this year. We’ve come up with the most engaging St. Patrick’s Day activities for seniors. This festive holiday usually involves gold coins, green clothing, and lots of partying. However, for seniors, it can look a little different. 

Allow your senior loved ones to celebrate in style without compromising their energy or health. Enjoy these St. Patrick’s Day activities with your loved one as the beloved Irish holiday rolls around this year. 

1. End of the Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

The saying goes that at the end of every rainbow, there’s a pot of gold waiting for you. You can make this a reality on St. Patrick’s Day by hosting a scavenger hunt for your loved one. It’s a great way for elderly folks to improve their mobility as they search for the famous pot of gold. 

Include plenty of festive decorations and hints along the way. We recommend decorating the grand prize pot with your loved one, using scissors, glue, glitter, and stickers to make it festive. Then, you can add chocolate gold coins into the pot for a tasty treat at the end of the scavenger hunt. 

Include some of your loved one’s senior friends or young family members. The first one to find the pot of gold gets to eat it.

2. Celtic Dancing Contest

Celtic music gets everyone in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Music and dance have been used for centuries to boost mood and improve physical and mental well-being. Your senior loved one could surely benefit from these perks. 

Host a Celtic dancing contest for your loved one and their friends, complete with festive St. Patrick’s Day prizes. Group dancing encourages motor coordination and better brain health, along with increased social connections. 

Make sure you host the dancing contest on a non-slip floor to ensure each senior’s safety. 

3. St. Patrick’s Day Karaoke Night 

Irish music has a distinct sound and unique lyrics. Encourage your elderly loved one to participate in a St. Patrick’s Day-themed karaoke night. They can learn some Irish slang and spend quality time with their friends and family along the way. 

Recalling lyrics strengthens the brain’s connections between areas for language, memory, and vocabulary. This is important for seniors who are facing cognitive decline. If you want to keep your loved one’s brain in good shape, lyric challenges are a good way to do so. 

4. Shamrock Shakes 

Each senior has unique dietary needs, but almost everyone loves a good Shamrock Shake around St. Patrick’s Day. You can involve your loved one in the process of making and enjoying a delicious minty milkshake this year. 

There are numerous Shamrock Shake recipes online. If your loved one is diabetic or has allergies, find a healthier alternative recipe instead. 

You can even make a milkshake bar with your loved one’s favorite sprinkles, whipped cream, and other yummy toppings. Everyone deserves the occasional festive treat, and St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect holiday to honor this. 

5. St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Almost every community hosts a St. Patrick’s Day parade outdoors. If your loved one is able, we encourage you to bring them to your local parade. They can get some fresh air, walk around, and enjoy the festivities alongside their community. 

St. Patrick’s Day parades are usually complete with music, candy, dancing, and entertaining parade floats. Point out your favorite decorations and discuss them with your senior loved one. At the end of the parade, you’ll have a shared memory to keep with you for years to come. 

6. Shamrock Bingo

Bingo is a classic game that many seniors enjoy dearly. Host a bingo night with shamrock-shaped bingo cards and gold coin tokens. You can include prizes that suit all audiences: candy, stickers, t-shirts, and more. 

This activity is a no-brainer for St. Patrick’s Day because it’s versatile. You can play bingo with just three people or host a large bingo night for 30 or more. No matter how many participants you get, you can enjoy some festive fun this St. Patrick’s Day. 

7. Irish Poetry Slam

Poetry is popular among all age groups — and for a good reason. It helps people express themselves and sharpen their language skills. To make this practice festive, encourage your senior loved one to write their poetry Irish-style, including classic Irish abbreviations and slang words. After writing, everyone can read their Irish poems out loud and enjoy some giggles together. 

You can make this a contest to see who has the funniest or most engaging poem. At the end of the night, the winner receives a pot of gold with chocolate coins. What a fun and delicious way for seniors to connect with loved ones this St. Patrick’s Day.

Make St. Patrick’s Day Engaging and Fun for Seniors This Year

As St. Patrick’s Day draws nearer, it’s time to start planning activities for the elderly folks you know. They can participate in fun games, contests, and activities that bring everyone closer together. Spend quality time with your senior loved ones this year using this festive activity guide.

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