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Useful Technology For Elderly Seniors Living Alone & Aging In Place

Useful Technology for Elderly Seniors Living Alone & Aging in Place

In today’s climate, aging in place has become an even more viable option for seniors looking toward their next phase of life. For the elderly living alone, new leaps in technology have made a huge difference. In the past, aging-in-place was considered a radical concept rather than a natural alternative to the nursing home. No longer: when it comes to the next stage of life, there’s so much technology for the elderly living alone to provide a safer, more intuitive home environment for seniors. Here are a few of the most promising examples of new technologies and personal emergency response systems (PERS) that are helping seniors live their best life.

Mesh WiFi

Before getting into some of the amazing new forms of technology for the elderly living alone, let’s talk about WiFi. All the tech in the world won’t help you if your WiFi isn’t reliable. Health trackers, voice command technology, and smart hubs are only as effective as your internet connection. Luckily, mesh wifi is the perfect support system for seniors aging-in-place. This high-speed answer to home connectivity helps seniors seamlessly move from room to room without losing connection. For folks who are aging-in-place, a great WiFi system could make a huge difference for their safety, peace of mind, and well-being. Here are a few of the best systems out there for 2020:

Whether seniors want to connect everything to a single home system or work with several devices, mesh wifi is a hugely helpful tool. With so many voice-activated devices in one place, it can be confusing to deal with all the Bluetooth disconnecting and re-connecting that’s often required when switching from a phone to a tablet to a smart home device like Amazon’s Echo or Alexa. Mesh WiFi makes things that much easier for seniors by creating a constant dialogue between all the devices in one home. No more crossed wires, ever. 

Voice-Activated Commands 

Arguably nothing has done more to help seniors with mobility and in-home comfort than the advent of voice-command technology. We’ve come a long way from the old “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” model of the past. For too long, home security companies and emergency support systems have left seniors in the dark by, effectively, leaving them alone. Thankfully, several apps out there act as a kind of “emergency” button for seniors who experience a fall or accident. For seniors looking for extra protection, here are a few of the top-rated voice activation devices:

Even the most state-of-the-art security system can’t do much to help a senior who’s taken a rough fall or needs to contact a family member for quick support. These days, all it takes is a shout to activate a GPS-enabled service like GreatCall 5Star Urgent Response, which helps seniors who can’t use the phone to access emergency services from home or remotely. 


Speaking of GPS, let’s take a closer look at how it’s revolutionized the aging-in-place movement. It’s not just helpful for giving emergency support the coordinates for a senior who’s fallen or injured. GPS-enabled technology of the kind used by popular PERS Connect America, which calls up a patient’s medical history in a matter of minutes to avoid any medical missteps. Several platforms aimed at aging-in-place individuals, such as Papa and Stitch, have cropped up overnight to offer seniors support, medical assistance, and even companionship at the press of a button thanks to GPS-enabled technology. 

Smart Home Security 

Home security systems can help seniors feel safe no matter what. Thanks to strides in voice-activated tech, smart home software has gotten easier to use, more intuitive, and better at protecting homeowners in general. Today, seniors can take advantage of home security and sensor system to feel secure and protected from the outside in. Some of the best smart home systems on the market today are:

These aren’t just helpful for seniors aging-in-place. If a senior has a caregiver who lives separately or works remotely, these hyper-connected smart home apps make it simple and intuitive to create security settings even from far away. In the time of COVID-19, this is even more of a selling point for seniors committed to staying indoors. 

Interactive Reminder Software

It used to be that all you’d get was a days-of-the-week pillbox and you were on your own. No longer: one of the greatest advancements in technology for the elderly living alone comes in the form of medical reminders like Reminder Rosie and MedMinder. Using these apps, grandparents can interact with their children and grandchildren to get pre-set reminders for pill-taking, appointment keeping, and more. The best part? These services allow family members to pre-record personalized messages so that the sense of connection and care really shine through. It’s more personal than a watch or iPhone reminder, and it’s a lot more secure.

If you or your family member is considering in-home care as part of a plan to age in place, contact Family Matters In-Home Care today for a free consultation.  Our team is dedicated to supporting your family and helping older adults enjoy life in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

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Carol Pardue-Spears

Carol has worked in the healthcare field for more than forty years. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, she worked for El Camino Hospital in the cardiac unit, Los Gatos Community Hospital, The Women’s Cancer Center in Los Gatos and several home health and hospice agencies. Carol founded Family Matters in 2002 to fill a deficit she witnessed in high-quality, in-home services and care.

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