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Websites For Seniors: 10 Useful Online Resources For Older Adults

Websites for Seniors: 10 Useful Online Resources for Older Adults

The vast majority of younger people underestimate senior citizens’ ability to use the internet. A large number of seniors are highly computer literate, and those who aren’t may still have a basic knowledge of how to use the internet.

However, knowing how to use the internet is only half the battle. Thousands of websites hold valuable information on the endless world wide web. Others may be packed with advertisements that slow down a user’s computer, are irrelevant to a search, or are riddled with misinformation. 

Fine-tuning a list of helpful websites for seniors can be a little time-consuming. Advice (and life hacks) on health, finances, technology, travel, careers, and everything in between comes in handy at any age – even more so in your golden years!

We’ve scoured the internet and sorted through a number of useful websites. Today, we narrowed it down to ten websites for seniors that are an absolute necessity in every older adults’ bookmark folder. 

Finance Websites for Seniors

Almost every senior citizen has one thing in common, and we’re not talking about the desire to live out the rest of their retirement on the beaches of Belize. Concerns about saving money and the best way to see better returns on investments are at the forefront of most older adults’ minds. 

Here are a few websites for seniors that are all about making the most of your finances:

1. Alliance for Retired Americans

A blog geared towards providing citizens over sixty with a wealth of information, Alliance for Retired Americans offers seniors a wide variety of topics and themes. From retirement benefits to Medicare, they have a post for just about anything a senior citizen would like deeper knowledge on.

More importantly, Alliance for Retired Americans covers financial issues like pensions and price changes on prescription drugs.

2. The Chicago Financial Planner

Roger Wohlner is a successful Chicago-based financial advisor who targets his articles toward retirement-age seniors. His Chicago Financial Planner blog goes in-depth about anything and everything a pre- or post-retiree would want to know.

Managing inflation in retirement, becoming a 401(k) millionaire, and choosing the best financial advisor are all topics Roger covers in his highly practical blog.

3. Real Deal Retirement

Retirement planning and investing your limited income are big subjects to cover. Real Deal Retirement empowers senior citizens who are approaching or embarking on retirement to save and invest for maximum ROI. 

Health and Wellness Websites for Seniors

Any senior citizen will tell you that growing older means an increasing number of health concerns. While it is important to see a professional healthcare provider about health issues, sometimes a trip to the doctor isn’t needed just yet.

It’s important to keep in mind that the information online isn’t tailored to a specific individual. Therefore, taking advice and tips from the internet on your health with a grain of salt is recommended. 

4. WebMD

WebMD is the undisputed holy grail of medical advice and information on the internet. This website’s licensed doctors craft many of their blogs and articles with senior citizens in mind. 

Both popular and easy to use, it’s a favorite for most health-conscious seniors.

5. Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic website isn’t only for seniors, but it is used heavily by them. The famed nonprofit medical center provides exhaustive information on symptoms and medical conditions. 


So many senior citizens use Medicare that the official website is a priceless resource. On the official Medicare website, it’s easy to compare coverage options and locate doctors in your area. 

Forums and Online Communities for Seniors

Social networking isn’t just for millennials and Generation Z. Many websites are designed to bring people in their golden years together to share experiences and form connections. 

7. SeniorMatch

Almost twenty years in, SeniorMatch boasts one million users and the best filters any senior dating site has to offer. SeniorMatch makes online dating as a senior safe, easy, and fun.

For those not looking for a romantic relationship, SeniorMatch can also partner members with a travel friend or long-distance pen pal. Everyone needs someone to talk to!

8. Older Is Wiser

Older Is Wiser is a social networking site targeting the over-fifty crowd. In addition to the active forums and chat rooms, this website publishes blogs and articles about living life to the fullest at an older age. 

Bonus Websites for Seniors

Some websites fill a multitude of roles. Here are a few of the most notable all-around websites for seniors:

9. Sixty and Me

Sixty and Me can’t be put into one category. This hub of senior entertainment has games, money management articles, beauty content, travel tips, and thousands of other things that enrich seniors’ lives. Although Sixty and Me leans toward being women-centered, there is lots of content for men too!

10. AARP

As the largest nonprofit in the US, AARP is iconic for being an infinite resource for seniors. Medical advice, career advice, retirement and investment planning, and just about anything else you can think of can be found on their website. AARP boasts 38 million readers from all corners of the world. 

Carol Pardue-Spears

Carol has worked in the healthcare field for more than forty years. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, she worked for El Camino Hospital in the cardiac unit, Los Gatos Community Hospital, The Women’s Cancer Center in Los Gatos and several home health and hospice agencies. Carol founded Family Matters in 2002 to fill a deficit she witnessed in high-quality, in-home services and care.

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