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What Services Do Seniors Need Most?

What Services Do Seniors Need Most?

Aging is both a natural and inevitable part of life. Heading into the golden years is a moment people should embrace for what it is and the potential it holds. That said, it’s also important to recognize the changes and…

What Does It Mean to Age in Place?

What Does It Mean to Age in Place?

Life is undoubtedly a myriad of milestones. Every new season comes with challenges and choices to make. After retirement, one of the biggest questions facing many people is whether or not they are looking to age in place. The decision…

IADLs vs. ADLs: Taking a Look at Activities of Daily Living

IADLs vs. ADLs: Taking a Look at Activities of Daily Living

One way that doctors measure how well a person can live on their own is to look at how they are able to perform when it comes to the instrumental activities of daily living vs. activities of daily living that…

Aging Parents Checklist

Aging Parents Checklist: 5 Steps to Developing a Caregiving Plan

As the Baby Boomers continue to turn 65 by 10,000 a day, many individuals face the prospect of caring for aging parents. While conversations about a caregiving plan with an elderly loved one can be difficult, there are a few…

How to Deal with Dementia in a Parent

How to Deal with Dementia in a Parent: Caregiving & Coping Tips for Adult Children

The relationship between a parent and child is important and unique. It’s not uncommon for children to view their parents as caregivers and protectors, even well into adulthood. For some adults, parental figures remain a guiding light and constant support…

End of Life Planning Checklist

End of Life Planning Checklist: How to Plan for End of Life Care

End-of-life care is still somewhat of a taboo topic for Americans and is often associated with pain, sadness, and fear. But, in reality, as a person reaches the end of their life, they deserve to do so with dignity, respect,…

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